Interview with German nationalists

How would you introduce “Der Dritte Weg” to our Bosnian readers?
– We are a young political movement that has the three slogans “national, revolutionary, socialist” as self-understanding. We oppose capitalism, American imperialism, the collapse of culture and the alienation of Europe. Our alternative to this is a German Socialism,which is a holistic, nationalist and anti-capitalist worldview. In order to achieve this goal we not only lead the political but also the cultural struggle and form a close community that already lives on a small scale, what we once want on a large scale for the whole people.

How nationalistic are German young people today? Do you expect this to change significantly in the future?
Unfortunately, the German youth is not nationalistic at all, it has successfully lost every nationalist idea through 70 years of reeducation. The cult of worship suppresses even the most gentle patriotism. However, there is a slow rethink that at least more and more young people are no longer baffled by genuine national consciousness for real or alleged crimes that have taken place several generations before them. But until we really have a nationalistic youth, there is still a long way to go, to which our youth work contributes it´s part.

Do you cooperate with other nationalist movements in Germany and Europe? 
In Germany, we only work with a few groups who share our ideological and moral values together. In Europe, we work with different groups, such as the Nordic Resistance Movement, together.

What plans do you have for the future? 
This year we are participate on various elections, such as the election to the European Parliament. In addition, we are planning the expansion of our infrastructure, the professionalization of our work and several new projects.

We could read in the media that repression against German nationalist is really big, arrests, apartment searches etc. Do you have similar problems?
What you have heard is probably still understated. Nowhere is there a harsher repression of nationalist organizations than in Germany. Of course we also suffer from it. Therefore, there are regular legal trainings, training on how to conduct house searches and the general awareness of the situation.

What is your opinion of AfD and similar parties in Europe?
The so-called “right-wing populist” parties are the last attempt to change anything in the system. They are positive in that they often allow some steps on the way to the goal, bringing issues into public discourse and making work harder for our opponents. At the same time, many idealists in these groups notice relatively quickly that a nationally painted copy of the liberal spirite is not the answer. Unfortunately, careerism, corruption and mendacity are also common in these groups. These idealists then often realize that a turnaround within the system is not possible and join radical structures. We therefore see the competition by the AfD relatively relaxed, they will adapt quickly enough to the grievances of the old parties. Anyway can a neoliberal party which expresses most Zionist and is against the ethnic concept of the people for us does not represent an alternative.

What is your opinion about Balkan situation between Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia?
The situation is very difficult for an outsider who does not speak any of the languages. Therefore, I do not want to evaluate the situation and the relationship. On the whole, however, it must be said that the European peoples have to overcome the partially existing chauvinisms and to find as fair as possible solutions to contentious issues, such as border regions. But the basis for this is understanding and far-sighted nationalist leadership. Liberals, for example, for whom a region is only a question of money because they have no understanding of the value of soil and homeland, can never find a fair solution for a border region. Therefore, we must first of all care for a Europe of national governments with European understanding, before turning to such questions now.

What is your opinion, does EU and NATO have alternative or or should it not exist at all?
We are decidedly against the EU and NATO. Both are instruments of American imperialism and international capital to exploit European peoples. In general, however, we are not opposed to European cooperation, including at the military level. On the contrary, we even believe that this is necessary. However, one should not make the mistake of hugging Russia out of sheer anti-Americanism. We want a free and independent Europe that is not controlled by either Washington or Moscow. In the age of the evolving multipolar world order, only an united Europe has a chance to hold its own against emerging powers such as China. But even here, the foundation is a Europe whose governments feel committed to their peoples and not Wall Street or a liberal civil service construct.

What message do you have for the Bosnian people? 
Fight for your homeland and your people, against outside paternalism and interference, against exploitative capitalism, and for preserving your identity and culture. Do not believe the liars from Brussels and Washington, whatever they promise!


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