Intervju: BPNP za Ukrajinski

1. Please tell us about the history and present situation of your organization?
– The Bosnian Movement of National Pride (BPNP) is young nationalist movement, existing since 2009. The movement is founded by a group of young men who were aware of their national affiliation.
In Bosnia, something similar to BPNP does not exist. Bosniaks don't have nationalist movements or parties, so our movement looks strange for Bosniak people. Usually, people, and especially media, describes the movement as neonazi and fascist organization. Currently, our strongest activist groups work in Tuzla and Sarajevo, and municipalities in this two regions (Northeastern and Central Bosnia).

2. What are the main problems Bosnia faces?
– List of problems in Bosnia is very long, so it is difficult to choose where to start when talking about them. Current situation in Bosnia is related mostly to history, and problems usually originate in the past. You perhaps know that today in Bosnia live „three constitutive peoples“ (Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs), so all of that causes very bad political situation. Also, it caused a lot of problems through history, since XIX century when terms Croats and Serbs appeared in Bosnia.

Like most of European countries today, Bosnia is lead by bad politicians who sold the country to multinational corporations. In order to get money, they would do everything. Also, we even have three presidents (one from each constitutive people) – and to deal something is almost impossible, except when it is about raising politicians’ salaries and robbing the people. Country is lead by so-called social-democrates, liberals, old communists, Serbian and Croatian separatists and so on – and there is no way that country can be functional with such politics.

3. What do you think of NATO and EU? How can countries like Bosnia or Ukraine, who don’t want to be controlled by imperialist yoke (Russia or Serbia) or Western hegemony, survive?
– In our official statements it says : We are against alliances and unions whose purpose is establishment and protection of the new world order ( EU as continental union and NATO as a global army). Bosnia must be a free nation with its own army which is always ready to defend country's sovereignty. That opposes globalisation policy which is being forced by zionist structures with just one purpose – creation of one world government which will allow the “gray eminence” to rule the world.

The European Union is a creation that aims to create a European state – that is one large European government , so whole of Europe could be more easily controlled. Openly say EU is masonic creation and a part of their plan for the realization of absolute control and rule over the whole world (beginnings of creating the EEC prove it) . Joining the EU means a loss of independence , the independence of those who achieved by the blood and sacrifices of European nations , particularly in smaller countries , such as Bosnia, during the liberation from the clutches of imperialist creations . The EU does not represent the peoples of Europe, does not work in their interests. EU takes every freedom and independence of member states , and especially of smaller countries , where we belong , where people would painstakingly work for the interests and welfare of Brussels.
North Atlantic Territorial Occupation , NATO , is another piece in a greater puzzle that serves the preservation idea of creating a one world government , and thereby creating a new world order .
Accession to the NATO pact would be disastrous for our nation !

Countries that really want to stay free must stick together and support each other. The best way would be creating of some kind of alliance of independent countries, and so we would be stronger together. Western and Eastern imperialists are very strong now. Practically, they will annex all smaller countries where they see something interesting for them. They have very strong economy, are very rich countries, and when they offer money, it is hard for smaller countries to reject it. That's how EU works. Things would be worse for us if Eastern imperialists found their new union (in last time Euroasian Union is usually mentioned), and we will have again the „cold war“ between West and East. In that death race, smaller countries have very small chances to remain free and independent. That is shown in Ukraine now – West will probably get what they want, Russians will get what they want – and one tiny Ukraine, left alone, has almost nothing to do there. It looks like what Germans and Soviets did to Poland in 1940s, or what Serbs and Croats planned to do with Bosnia in 1990s.
How we can survive – is a real question for political geniuses. Creating that alliance of independent countries would be best option, but the question is how much it is possible today.

4. What is your social, economic, and ecological platform?
– In general, we consider ourselves as ethnic nationalists. Our attitudes have a lot in common with national-socialist views in various fields, but we try to make a best path, consisting of national-socialist views and modern nationalist principles.

Economic platform – We are against banking system that is in charge today. Banks should serve the people, and not the vice versa. Concretely, we would try to ensure a coherent system of legislation, unique administrative space and freedom of movement of people, goods, services and capital. Afterwards, employment and better quality of living, giving chances to young people to do what they know the best, forcing homemade products and so on.

Social platform : Absoultely on the first place is national unity. We think that it is not so much important is social order closer to capitalist or socialist views, as the politics that lead it is. If government is national oriented, then both capitalism and socialism can function. Nationalist socialism would means that all assets is owned by state, like in tipical socialist societies, wherein government would be nationalist. Nationalist capitalism would means that assets is owned by corporations, private investitors or someone else, but with condition that all those corporations and privates are domestic, that is national.
So, conclusion is that most important is leading politics – it must be nationalist.

Ecologic platform : We are for turning toward renewable natural sources of energy, non-polluting energy (solar, wind or water energy), removing illegal garbage dumps, forcing the autos with eco-motors.

5. What advice would you give to Ukrainian comrades?
– To think free, to act free and to be free at the end. Defend your families, your people and your country – you have the right on it ! Let nobody ever lead you to wrong way, for you have your own path. We all know that true nationalists in every country, so in Bosnia, so in Ukraine and everywhere else, are the only kind of people who really want to save their homelands and their folks, so all of us have one big obligation – to lead the people to think about the importance of the nations, importance of being aware of one's nationality, importance of existing of patriotism and nationalism, and the struggle against nations’ enemies – lead by communists.
Times are very though for Ukraine now, and you must be strong. Only the strong you can save your lovely motherland.

Don't trust that someone else will help you – you are the leaders and controllers of your lives and destiny, so be it ! Don't trust that West or someone else will help save Ukraine from Russian imperialist beast – they are all cowards, they were cowards always. We know it very well, for we know that they have done nothing to help us when we were in though situation about 20 years ago. Of course, it is easy to say : „Be strong, resist and fight“, but that is the only way, that is the point of the life in general. Have good relations with other nationalists from surrounding countries, but from rest of Europe too – who knows when it will be helpful.

6. What is your view on Islam?
– We don't have special view on Islam. We are secularists, and we treat all religions on the same way. We equalize all of them, and try to convince people that different religions can live together on the same place. We guarantee the freedom of religion for everyone, no matter what one believes in, one can believes in it as long as he keeps it for himself, no matter is it believing in one God, more Gods or no Gods at all.
We don't have problem with any religion, but we are strongly against radical forms of any of them (radical Islam or Islamism, radical forms of Christianity etc). We use to say that religion is for the heart, not for the parliament, and so religion must not be involved into politics, but also politics must not touch the religion.
Through history, different religions were present here, but folk was always the same – with European genetic heritage (Today, genetic researchings prove that Bosniaks belong to proto-Europeans, just to say). That “multireligious” situation was because of various pressures from West and East, so people choosed the religion that fits them the best, and difference between Muslims and Christians in Bosnia are only in their religious beliefs, not in genetics.

7. Many say there are forces in the west and east trying to promote a clash of civilizations between Muslims and Christians. Can Bosnian nationalists play a role to stop this?
– It could be truth, but is not necessary. We think that forces in the both West and East are not so important in all of that, but more important are people behind the scene. There are those that need world conflicts to move on doing their dirty jobs, and we openly say that those people are zionists. We had two horrible world wars that caused a lot of bloodshed, material and human damage to our continent, and now they might need new conflict. Next time, it could be the battle between Christian West and Muslim East, but it can be stopped of course. Current situation tells us that more possible is conflict due to economical reasons, than due to differences between civilizations. However, we can just hope that none of it happens, for it would be really disasterous nuclear war.

About Muslims and Christians – they should cooperate against the common enemy. Unfortunately, a lot of those people who are proud of their religion are more radical believers, than true believers, and so they don't know that both, Koran and Bible, learn us that we must respect believers of other religion. Muslims and Christians have more similarities than dissimilarities, but problem is that radicals from both religions, and the third side provoked the conflict between these two religions and their followers.

Bosnia could be the example of that. Long history of our country tells us that at least two religions existed here in the same time, and there were no problems about it. Also, in last war, Muslims and Christians fought together, side by side. Bosnian nationalists today can talk about it to whole Europe, and prove that Islam itself is not the problem and not danger for European civilization. The problem are radicals and extremists who use their religion for political purposes, who walk around and killing the people „in the name of the God“ – that is sick ! No God loves those who kill innocent people !

The main problem is that Islam to Europeans is presented by those suicide bombers, radicals, extremists, terrorists, and not by true believers, not by deep studying of the Islam's doctrine. If Europeans know the other side of the Islam, not the one that they see on TV almost every day, they would see that Islam is not the threat for our continent – but, that scenario is not acceptable for those who want conflicts, and those who are the real enemies of every civilization, not just European.

Also, Europeans must know that the source of problem of immigration is not in immigration itself, but among those who impose and support mass immigration – zionists !

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